An Open Letter to my 1960 Classmates at AHS & THS


Man I wish I could have been with you all this year at our 50th High School Reunion but I’m “down under in the land of OZ” playing in an Old Boys Rugby Festival. I am currently the USA International Representative for Golden Oldies Rugby. I am one of seven in the world. I started playing rugby in Denver, Colorado in 1969 and have been playing ever since. I have traveled to many countries playing rugby, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and Holland. I will be going to Japan in 2012 for another Golden Oldies Rugby Festival.


I received a Bachelor of Architecture in Design from Texas Tech in 1967 and moved to Denver, Colorado and have been working here all this time. I formed my own Architectural Firm “Alexander Associates Architects LLC” in 1971 and have been working in many areas of Architecture since. The last few years when times got tough, I went to work with DMJM (the 17th largest Architectural & Engineering firm in the world) where I was Director of Architecture for the Denver division for almost ten years. When they closed their Denver Architectural Division I went to work for Jacobs Engineering for almost three years as Director of Architecture and when they closed their Denver office, I went out on my own again. I am licensed in 22 states and since I’ve gone back to my own firm I have specialized in designing and building restaurants. A small group called Hooters and have done over 100 projects for them nation wide. I also am a licensed General Contractor and Construction Superintendent.


I am married to Earnestine O’Brien Alexander (Earnie) and we have been together for almost 20 years. Earnie was a flight attendant for thirteen years and also ran her own insurance business with her late husband in Granby, Colorado. I have three great children, a daughter Katherine who has a Masters Degree in Foreign Studies from Georgetown University and working at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. My oldest son Zachary is in Seattle, Washington working in the travel business and my youngest son Andrew is working in Los Angeles, California as a set designer and prop builder for Paramount Studios. No grandkids at this time but still hoping. We have a cocker spaniel named Lucky who is spoiled rotten but he is really a great dog and he keeps me in shape with our early morning walks.


The main reason I moved to Colorado was to hunt and fish and enjoy the great outdoors which I still do to this day. I love to hike and explore all the history that Colorado has to offer. We are looking into going to Canada for a fishing trip in a couple of years. I gave up cross country skiing about 10 years ago at 59.


Earnie and I are starting to travel since I’m going to be retiring in January of 2011 at almost 70. We want to go to Europe and see all that there is to see there. We have tried the big ocean ships and prefer the smaller river boats which only have about between 100 and 150 passengers. Earnie kids me by the time we leave port I’ve met all of the people and know their live history before we sail. It is great fun and I’m really looking forward to retirement and continuing to travel.


Hi to all my football and track buddies, Danny J, Jamie W, Lanny C, Johnny “The Jet”, Currie B, Jakie N, Lewis H, Nick M, Jack L, Calvin C, F.G., Bill E., Bruce H, Don L. Bill R,  Red, and Ronnie R. We had a lot of great times together and we always enjoyed the trips, the practices, the games and meets and just each other. Thanks for all the life long memories. Danny, do you remember the “beatnik” poem about trees I told you at the talent contest? Jamie, remember all the “hay bales” that one summer and Nick thanks again for pulling me out of the street. Calvin, remember the cold walks to Jr. High? Thanks to Lynn & Chris for putting out this letter to the class. Hi to Kaye S., Peggy M., Judy G., Mary Pat S., Doris C., Lyndal M., Lou Ann W., Sallie S., & Ruth C. Remember beating Tascosa 13-7 & losing to Wichita Fall 34-7. Ouch!!!!


Hope to see you all at the next reunion. Have a great time and drink a beer or two for me.


Fred S. Alexander III, Class of 1960 AHS:

10262 W. Ida # 241

Littleton, CO 80127