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Doug Wade sends an open letter to all the ROTC crowd. See the letter

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Bera Chambers writes:

Chris and fellow graduates of Amarillo High School in 1960.  I would love to be able to be there to see everyone, but my husband and I have prior commitments.  We are very involved with volunteering for The Salvation Army here in Fort Worth, Texas.   We volunteer for The Kettles, Angel Tree, but our real passion is disaster.   We head up the disaster team here in Fort Worth.  We drive a mobile canteen or what some refer to as a mobile kitchen. We have been to 8 hurricanes, including Katrina.   We were in the Panhandle for the wildfires and the Cactus Tornado.   If there is a disaster in Texas or the surrounding area, we were probably there.  It is our ministry for The Salvation Army and for God.  On the days of the reunion,  we are at The Salvation Army camp, Camp Hoblitzelle, near Midlothian, Texas.  We are going to help feed and entertain low income senior citizens in Texas. These are seniors that have never done anything like this.   We are also The Salvation Armies representatives for The Texas Rapid Response Task Force. We are among 48 organizations that will be the very first to respond to a disaster, be it natural or man made.  We pride ourselves in being rated the number one disaster team in Texas.  I would love to hear from the 1960 graduates.   Our e-mail address is :frankcalvert@att.net.  Our home address is : 6100 Tiger Trail, Fort Worth, Texas, 76126,  phone number-817-249-0493.  Hope everyone has a lot of fun and that they will correspond with me.  Our Blessings.  Bera Chambers Calvert and husband Frank Calvert


To:  AHS/THS Class of 1960

From:  Steve Wilson, a long-lost THS student

Thanks to the good detective work of Alice Walker Shellberg who located me recently, I am glad to get to be reunited with my classmates!  I hope to hear from my classmates.  I will not be able to attend the scheduled 50 year reunion; so I will do my bragging in this note to you rather than in person as traditionally is done at class reunions.

 I have a daughter, Dianne, and 2 granddaughters, Leigh Ann & Katie who live near me and who I enjoy being around.  They are smart and pretty and have blond hair and blue eyes and I'm very glad to get to brag on them--definitely the best thing I have done with my life!

 After college and law school, I practiced law in Dallas for 30 years and then retired to the country about an hour away from Dallas.  Now, I practice law part time in Decatur, Texas, as a country lawyer.  I'm enjoying being a country lawyer too!  The highlights of my lawyering career were becoming Board Certified in Civil Trial Law in 1990.  And the SMU Law School hired me in 1995 to teach a few hours each week in its trial-law program for law students who hope to become attorneys who represent clients in court.  Those credentials may seem pretty meaningless except to other attorneys in our class, those of whom I am aware, Allan Hill and Tommy Schubert, who might say "wow, not many attorneys attain Board Certification in Civil Trial Law or get selected to teach at a major law school."  So, that's my bragging.

 I wish each of you happiness and good health!  That reminds me: I get to brag one more time.  My athletic prowess continues.  I play in a coed softball league.  That truly is happiness and a part of good health for me!

 I hope to hear from my classmates.  I look forward to hearing some good bragging!

 Your friend and classmate,

Steve Wilson

THS Class of 1960

Steve Wilson,  187 CR 3471, Paradise, Texas 76073-4027, (214)327-4997